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Top 50 Power MEP companies

Royal Advance LLC, the electromechanical contracting arm of National Projects & Construction, is forecasting a turnover in the region of $270m (AED 1bn) this year. This represents a $67m ($246m) increase on last year’s figure, but managing director Eng. Hamad Alamri is confident they can hit the target.

He said: “The building construction industry as well as infrastructure is constantly growing in UAE and globally. NPC-MEP was established in 2004 to address this demand and is becoming one of the lead companies that is well recognised in the industry.”

With a workforce made up of 300 admin staff and engineers, 3,700 skilled labourers and 1,300 unskilled labourers, NPC-MEP says it currently has $476.4m worth of work in hand.

Ongoing major projects include a 5,000 villa project in Al Ain worth over $300m (AED 1.1bn); Hydra Avenue 3 Towers valued at $35m (AED 129m); and Marina development for Bloom Properties, also a $35m contract.

Link: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-29866-top-50-mep-contractors-and-consultants--31-40/10/



Royal Advance is the electromechinal contracting arm of Trojan Holding.

Concluded the year 2017 with a record turnover and expects year on year growth of 30% in 2018.

Workforce made up of 162 admin staff and engineers, 2010 skilled labourers and 108 unskilled labourers.

Royal Advance growth was fueled by mega ongoing projects and we continue to see growth in aspiring markets.

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